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Hair Braids in Baltimore, Maryland

Taru Hair Braiding in Baltimore, Maryland, offers the finest in natural hairstyles for kinky hair, including braids, twists, and more. We specialize in natural hairstyles such as braids and extensions, which include human hair, synthetic hair, dreadlocks, cornrows, twists and many more.

Find the Right Style for You
A beautiful hairstyle can work magic. It can transform your look and rejuvenate your pride. Choose from any of our professional styles and you'll be making an entrance that commands attention! Taru Hair Braiding offers:

 • Feeding Twist
 • Kinky Twist
 • Flat Twist
 • Individuals
 • Micro Mini
 • Weave
 • Silky
 • Locks
 • Pixie
 • Bob
 • Yane Twist
 • Gadyce
 • Cornrows
 • Kid's Style
 • Crochet
 • Senegalese Twist
 • Men's & More
Hair - Hair Braids in Baltimore, MD

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